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Teacher's Guide All-in-One 1A/B – 6A/B

A wide variety of resources for teachers, all in one folder

Pupil's Book with overprinted notes

Provide grammar notes, teaching tips and suggested answers


with English CDs &
Super E-Book

General Notes

Contain useful reference materials such as overall plans, target coverage, word lists, classroom language and activity bank etc.


General English Programme

Chapter overview enables you to see the design of the whole chapter at a glance

Suggested teaching procedures for each part of the chapter, with detailed language notes and useful classroom language

Teaching tips, extended activities and suggestions to enhance pupils' learning


Reading Workshops

A handy booklet to help you promote a 'reading to learn' culture through implementing Reading Workshops

Introduce different reading activities for the Reading Workshops

Provide information about the corresponding 'Perfect Match' readers for each term


Task Sheets

Offer task sheets as copymasters for easy modification to cater for learner diversity

Provide detailed teacher's notes on how to conduct the tasks and special notes on how to cater for learner differences


Assessment Tasks

Offer an assessment task after each module as a tool to check pupils' progress

Provide useful feedback forms for each assessment task for pupils' self-assessment


Graded Worksheets

Copymasters for further practice of vocabulary and language structures

3 exercises per chapter

2 levels of difficulty (1-star & 2-star)


Phonics Worksheets

Copymasters for further practice of phonics

One workheet per chapter

with detailed teacher's notes


Workbooks 1A/B – 6A/B (Teacher's Edition)

Provide useful exercises for the consolidation of vocabulary, language structures and phonics taught in the Pupil's Books

Teacher's edition includes overprinted answers


Listening 1A/B - 6A/B (Teacher's Edition)

Comprehensive and varied training of listening and phonics skills

Teacher's edition includes three Listening Tests,

  teaching tips and an audio script booklet


with CDs & Listening Tests CD

Reading & Writing 1A/B - 6A/B (Teacher Edition)

Systematic coverage of different reading and writing skills.

Various text types

Provide open-ended questions to develop pupils' creativity and critical thinking skills

Accompanied by an Answer Key

Teacher's edition includes overprinted notes and answers


Grammar Practice 1A/B - 6A/B (Teacher's Edition)

Offer systematic practices and explanation of grammar points covered in the Pupil's Book

Focus on areas which are the most difficult for Chinese-speaking learners

Accompanied by an Answer Key

Teacher's edition includes overprinted notes and answers


Territory-wide System Assessment Mock Papers
P2, P3, P5 & P6 (Teacher's Edition)

Six sets of mock papers to assess pupils – listening, reading and writing skills

Six sets of mock papers to assess pupils – speaking skills

Accompanied by an Answer Key with audio scripts

Teacher's edition includes detailed marking schemes and guidelines for conducting the speaking assessment


with English CDs

Test Papers 1A/B – 6A/B (2006)

Assess pupils' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Accompanied by an Answer Key with audio scripts and detailed marking schemes

Pre-Secondary 1 Attainment Test Mock Paper
1, 2 & 3 (for P6 only)

Contain reading and writing questions in the most up-to-date Hong Kong Attainment Test format

Accompanied by an Answer Key

And a PowerPoint presentation analysing the answers

Flash Cards 1A/B – 6A/B

Detachable picture and word cards for flexible use


Wall Pictures for KS1 & KS2

Thematic wall pictures for each key stage


Seasonal Decorations

Classroom decorations for different festivals

Coco Puppet

Hand puppet for fun role-play activities


Talking Machine & Talking Book

Easy access to any part of the recording by touching the Pupil's Books with a stylus

With recording and playback functions for pupils to practise their own pronunciation

Ideal for self-study corner

Longman Express Forms 1-3
Which is your favourite fruit?
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