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For Pupils
E-Book 1A/B – 6A/B

Ideal for self-study

Vocabulary and phonics games

With picture dictionary

With recording and playback functions


Self-Learning Centre on the Companion Website

E-Homework, E-Dictation, Phonics Checking, A Passage a Week, E-Writing Class

Develop learner independence

Provides practice of all four language skills (writing, listening, speaking, reading)



For Teachers
Super E-Book for Teachers 1A/B – 6A/B

Everything you need for an IT lesson

Video clips for motivation

Story animations

Video clips of mouth shapes for teaching phonics

PowerPoint presentations for teaching language structures


Teacher's Resources CD-ROM 1 – 6

Ideal for lesson planning

Soft copies of Overall Plan, Task Sheets, Assessment Tasks, Graded Worksheets and Phonics Worksheets in Word format for easy editing


Question Bank for KS1 & KS2

New design with user-friendly interface

Over 2000 questions for you to choose from

You can modify existing questions and add your own questions

You can create your own test paper or worksheets


Longman Express Forms 1-3
Which is your favourite fruit?
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